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Popular Education

Popular education is a tool for engaging this aim and supporting community-based organizing. Colectivo Flatlander defines popular education as education for social change.

It begins with the person’s concrete experiences and, through a democratic process of reflection, dialogue and co-creation; it builds understanding of the connection of that experience to larger social problems, leading to a collective framework for action. More information: http://www.colectivoflatlander.org/en.

The Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire emphasized that radical education should not be didactic, but rather “create the possibility for the production or construction of knowledge;” that teaching and student learning should be reciprocal and participatory; and that a more democratic learning environment has a liberatory potential.

We embrace this wisdom as we develop a storytelling and training program that is adaptable to local communities and cultures and that is rooted in the values of liberatory popular education, leadership development, and community power.


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